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but you’re my flame

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My top 10 Eurovision 2014 songs in no order
Moustache - Twin Twin (France)

Okay guys
I have a question c:

I have some Eurovision stuff in my room I don’t use (an ipad case, Oslo 2010 t-shirt (new, size L) and a single of the 2000 winner Olsen Brothers - Fly On The Wings Of Love)

Would people like this as give away? 

Maybe you should bake a cake
A cheesecake
Or just give him some attention 
Or just a miracle
That would be amazing 
Is it right?
Tick tock the clock is ticking
I’ll sing a cliche love song
No prejudge please or I will let the silence storm inside me go
But after it is the calm after the storm
But hey I didn’t talk about my mother yet
And that she want a moustache and she’s not alone
So she keeps running with the hunters of the stars
Hoping for something better when she’s coming home
Then she can start a fire and will rise like a phoenix with her wild soul
It’s time for her to shine

12 points for who knows which eurovision 2014 songs I used